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Welcome. Our gallery base is in Amsterdam and all of our artists live in the city or nearby. The dimensions of all paintings on view are given in centimeters and prices are in euros. The computer representations of the paintings are as close as we can get to the real thing in terms of tone and color but a photo is not a painting. If you are interested in a painting you can email us at for further details.

JOHN MILES JEFFRIES John Miles Jeffries was born in Iowa in 1944. He started to paint early, model ships and airplanes that he constructed. `The paint was called Dope. It made you high, enjoyable work.' His first exhibition was in 1962 and he was graduated from the University of Iowa in 1968. Since moving to Holland in 1971 he has had exhibitions in numerous Dutch cities and Spain. Most of his paintings are acrylic and ink on paper. Besides a preference for Chinese brushes, he has developed an acrylic medium for mixing his paints. He also makes sculptures from guitar strings and glass. `My ideas for paintings,' says the artist, `just pop up'. `I paint what I like without commercial considerations. The challenge of drawing on rice paper is that you can't erase.'

Like other artists on this web site, Jeffries' paintings are one-off originals. We do not sell lithographs.
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GERARD WIERSUM Gerard Wiersum was born in Zwanenburg Holland in 1958. A self-taught artist, he describes his paintings as realistic, influenced by his surroundings in Amsterdam where works as a theater light technician. His work shown here is acrylic on canvas. `In my work,' says, Gerard, `the realistic reproduction of the things I see play a great part along with the manipulation of that reality. I look at the world around me and the way I reflect on it. But anything can be my part of inspiration, as long as it catches me and makes a lasting impression. That thing might be a dream, a picture in the papers, a street scene.'

We think he is special and when you see is wire and paper sculptures, you will be convinced of his talent. His exhibitions in Amsterdam are frequent.
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HANS TEN BROEKE Hans ten Broeke was born in Alkmaar 1948 and developed his technique of using different materials and techniques after attending the Amsterdam Rietveldacademie art school in the late 1960s. According to the artist, painting is about imagining or freezing thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Space for the unexpected is allowed while he is painting. In his mind and experience his paintings are everything but abstract. However, he admits that his work has been influenced by the school of abstract expressionism. His technique is to apply acrylic paint with a pallet knife, a brush, or both, onto canvas, panel board, or carton. He switches, he says, from smooth to rough surfaces and compresses them. In some instances the paint is scraped off resulting in the surface structure. In other instances he applies pieces of glass and mirror, either whole or splintered.. He doesn't limit himself to typical square shaped paintings. Hans ten Broeke lives and works in the village of Akersloot and exhibits his work frequently. Besides Holland, his paintings have been collected world wide. You can see more of his paintings at
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