About Shadowfire
The paintings:
I made Shadowfire to show off some paintings, drawings etc. I've done for the last years. Just for hobby reasons, no commercial intent involved.

I started with airbrush and conventional techniques, but later on I added the computer. As a consequence, most paintings are created with a mixture of conventional and digital techniques - mainly 2D images manipulation tools, like The Gimp and Photoshop. I don't use 3D software.

The Paul Gordon Review:
Is a political satire in the form of a blog made by a friend of mine; a fellow artist and writer working under the alias 'Paul Gordon, DDS'.

All images © 1996-2010 Michiel / Shadowfire Gallery.
Free only for personal use (non-commercial). Please credit me and/or link to my website ( www.shadowfire.demon.nl ).

Paul Gordon's Political Review Copyright © 'Paul Gordon,DDS' 2006-2008.


A note on link exchange requests: as from 2010 only personal artists pages will be considered.
Request from webshops, directories and cross site linking schemes will be iqnored.

Legal e-mail disclaimer:

Any unsolicited commercial e-mail (Spam) is not welcome at this, or any other e-mail addresses at the Shadowfire Dot Demon Dot NL domain. Illegal spammers expect to be sued. Here in the Netherlands it's outlawed so don't think you'll stand a chance in hell in court. I'll sue you for the last penny you've got. Real people who are still part of the human race, those who aren't selling stocks, viagra pills, german banking account or shoving any other marketing fecal excrements up the backdoor of my inbox free feel to comment on my artwork, show me your dark fantasies (artworks) or chat about the weather.