Quick Art Tour
For the Inpatient... some hilights of Shadowfire Gallery's artwork.
Vampire Vampire Path of no return. While Day is sleeping, Gardians of Darkness prevent return to Reality. Featured in: Nocturnal Gallery
Baphomet III Baphomet III At the Centre of the Abyss, the Heart of the Dark grants wisdom and insight to those who are true to the Moon. Baphomet satan pentagram. Revised version of Baphomet II. Featured in: Nocturnal Gallery
Meet the Dragons Meet the Dragons This world is as good as Dead. Like Valyrie or vultures of the Reigners of the Sky clear out the last remains as the new Dawn begins it's sufficating flood. Featured in: Nocturnal Gallery
Mirage Mirage Halucination of the three Faiths in the Southern Desert. Featured in: Beyond Gallery
Night of Terror Night of Terror Conservative politicians and burocrats are bringing the country back to the dark ages with their vanity. Featured in: Beyond Gallery
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Final concensus among the monotheists. Featured in: Beyond Gallery
Gallerij Gallerij Nature does well in art and zoo's. Featured in: Abyss Gallery
Duivelin Duivelin The Gatekeepers of Hell have many faces. Featured in: Abyss Gallery
Organist Organist Morpheus plays his sweet little song. Featured in: Abyss Gallery