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Blog Explanation  

Date: Sunday, January 1, 2006

Political Review
Site Explanation

Welcome to Paul Gordonís Political Review. The original idea for this site was blog like--along lines of political satire--but that didnít quite cut it for a couple of reasons:

(1) Some blog sites pose the threat of editing and or censorship as they are controlled by neocons, a 21st Century word for suited Nazis, or right-wing Christians, another word for dumbcons.

(2) Blog sites typically publish the last message first like it was the newest news. I wanted this Review to follow a story line similar to a diary while never being far away from a breaking news. So readers can be sure, if Iran, North Korea, or Texas gets nuked Iíll mention it and assuming you donít live in one of those places you can scroll down at leisure. That said and for safety reasons, the satirical emphasis is a hedge against explosive outrage and murderous thoughts. In a sane world this review would not be necessary but since the U.S. Government has turned the world at large and its own country into a cesspool of destruction and greed in the name of hypocrisy it is necessary.

Now the worse case scenario for this century is that nobody gets out alive. Along that road to nowhere you could see the Bush administration, having dug a hole so deep they canít get out, declaring martial law and pardoning themselves for crimes against humanity. Will the American people roll over? If they do they are cowards. Naturally no one wants to see this scenario played out but better prepared is better than sorry that American citizens donít have any rights. The question to be answered is how do you win a civil war against the most powerful country in the world? Hopefully the plan will be as simple as finding where the culprits are bunkered down and, hum, unholing them. Stay tuned for leapfrogging adventures around the world with Paul Gordon, Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Wishful Freedom  

Date: Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dateline: Amsterdam, Holland

I wanted to blast readers with first words of erudition without stealing the wheels off trailer trash while mugging them with thoughts that make juices trickle down their thighs but I'm not in the mood. My drug dealer died.

Sending NATO troops to a province in Afghanistan called Helmand? Why not? Including the host I counted troops from five other countries: American, British, Canadian, Danish, and Dutch. They were sent to contain the area and drive out the dreaded Taliban, an organization of fanatical Muslims who are every bit as evil as Christian fundamentalists. Here in Helmand, the poppy region or Smackville if you like, it will reportedly take 15 or 20 years to defeat the 300 or so Taliban who are holed up in the area. Why? They have five tribal leaders, one for each visiting country. The cost per visiting country? About a billion a year. Say what? Dollars, Pounds, Kroner and Euros. Military statistics I'm quoting and quite logically the troops should pull out before they go in because the war in Iraq has resulted in a shortage of morphine and stuck in a land of no thrills the troops will become junkies. In retrospect, they don't listen, violate their mandate and give locals the impression that they are there to wipe out the harvest. Now NATO troops are fighting Afghans and the Taliban. Welcome to the hell-hole Soldier Boys.

Nearby you have Osama bin Laden, the most wanted man on the planet. A Saudi presumably living in Pakistan, there is a $27 million reward for his head and no one can find him. Reportedly pro basketball sized at six foot five (195cm), he's probably the tallest guy in the country. Weight, 160 pounds, olive complexion, long beard, walks with a cane, is left-handed. I tell you, whoever is running the military search show is short sighted. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld? This no mas used to be bin Laden's friend. Maybe those photos of Rumsfeld molesting farm animals weren't fakes.

Meanwhile there are 60 gangs in D.C. and they must have some interesting addresses and telephone numbers. Do they know how many security forces guard the White House and Dick Cheney's home? A map leading to Dick's bunker? Rumor, it's underground on the grounds of the Washington D.C. observatory.

For those interested in an update on anti-gravity weapons outside side of Jane's book see the next Paul Gordon, blog featuring Nikola Tesla, Evgeny Podkletnov, and other scientists. Meanwhile, beam up, those trailer tires have air in them.

Sweet Home  

Date: Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dateline: Baghdad, Iraq

Back at our base camp in the Baghdad Green Zone discussing beam theory over a hookah of seesha the three of us agreed, putting together the theories of Tesla and Podkletnov could well result in a technical advantage over the U.S. Air Force. My colleagues were Georges Simenon from Belgium and Kenneth Sangar from Afghanistan, both High Tech multi-lingual agents of espionage. It was Simenon who came up with the name of Viktor Schauberger, Sangar suggested Lev Theremin and I tossed in Wilhelm Reich for the heck of it. We were agreed, no one excepting the three of us and maybe a few long memories in the military knew who these fellows were. They were 20th Century inventors with scientific backgrounds and a bit bonkers which made them one offs and suitable for government kidnaping.

Lets start with Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) who was born in Austria-Hungary and avoided kidnaping by emigrating to the U.S. in 1884. Before becoming an eccentric recluse he overshadowed his colleagues in the fields of magnetic fields and electrical power. His reputation is enhanced by strange stories about his experiments with magnetic fields and growing plants.

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was an Austrian forester who developed a system of water sluices to transport logs that defied gravity and developed the theory of implosion theory which has enormous potential for tackling environmental problems but has largely been ignored. Schauberger also developed a jet turbine to utilize hydroelectric power but it was his work in vortex dynamics that attracted Hitlerís Nazi government and he was forced to develop his anti-gravity concepts. Itís been reported that he produced eight prototypes of levitating disks, like flying saucers, but they all crashed. After the war some of his papers fell into American and Russian hands but he continued his studies on water power generation by vortex action. In 1958 he was lured to the U.S. with promises of funding for inventions. However, he was debriefed and his writings and prototypes were confiscated. To leave the country he had to sign a document promising not to promote his technology. Arriving home in Austria in September of that year he died within five days, either poisoned or from a broken heart. To be sure, American businessmen feared his ideas. Had they been more receptive itís possible that all our cars, planes, and ships, would be running on water.

Russian born Leon Theremin (1896-1993) his best known for the musical instrument he invented which is known by his last name but his interest in electronics and magnetic fields resulted in a several firsts, like the bug, a small listening device, a motion detector for doors, a rudimentary burglar alarm, and a primitive color TV. To promote his musical instrument and inventions on the drawing board, Theremin moved to the U.S. in the early 1920s and was set up with a studio by the government. He was living in a hotel in New York City when the KGB came for him in 1938. Bundled up and whisked out of the states, he would spend the next nine years in a scientific labor camp and stayed on as a civilian in the camp until 1964 where is job was creating surveillance for the military. He was then welcomed back into the academic community and worked in the University of Moscowís acoustic research and physics departments until his death.

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) was born in Austria and like his fellow countryman, Viktor Schauberger, ventured to America and had his dreams crushed. Back in Vienna in 1922 Reich received a medical degree and joined Sigmund Freud as psychoanalyst at a clinic in the Austrian capital. Here he formulated his idea of energy called the science of Orgonomy which proposed that neuroses and some illnesses were caused by sexual repression. Satisfying sex, he thought, was the cure which reminds me of that Beatles song Come Together. Although his books were published he was still kicked out of several European countries for his ideas but found a brief haven in Norway where his experiments resulted in a machine called an orgone accumulator. When his papers on the accumulator were published he was, like Schauberger, invited to New York City where he was given a lab and post as a lecturer. In 1948 his book on cancer cells being caused by repressed sexual energy was published. However his experiment to determine the effects of orgone energy on radiation was a disaster. Concluding that Ďdeadly orgoneí (DOR) was responsible for creating dangerous atmospheric conditions Reich invented another machine called the cloudbuster and whether or not it contained magnetic field properties it solved a drought problem in Maine in 1953 and farmers payed him for making it rain. Then he started to see UFOs and decided the cloudbuster could be used to defend Earth against an alien invasion. Most of Reichís critics mentioned a deterioration in his mental condition at this time. Meanwhile, some of Reichís business partners were making a bundle of bucks by selling his orgone accumulators to physicians who prescribed and sold them on to patients for therapeutic purposes. Then the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stepped in and ruled that orgone accumulators were fraudulent medical devices, that orgone energy didnít exist, and all literature concerning the device should be burned. When an injunction against transporting orgone accumulators across state lines was violated, Reich a was sentenced to two years in prison. Apparently a parole was arranged if Reich signed a document agreeing to never work or write about Orgonomy again. Sound familiar? Reich died behind bars and his personal effects were not released and the FDA was allowed to burn his books. The will Reich left reportedly called for his (surviving) papers to be sealed for 50 years with the hope that the world would catch up with his ideas.

Evgeny Podkletnov, in his early fifties and last on our inventors list, released his first anti- gravity paper in 1996 while other physicists had been predicting that rotating superconductors could alter gravity since 1993. Outside of high tech science magazines, the general public wasnít informed of this mind and world altering advancement until 2002. Following a general lab procedure Ďwhere a ceramic disc coated with specially formulated alloys cooled to -220C and then spun at high speed in a magnetic fieldí Podkletnov allegedly discovered an anti- gravity beam that extended into infinity. The question is, why arenít we exploring other planets on fuel free flying machines? This information has been known since Viktor Schaubergerís papers were read by U.S. military scientists after World War II. Among the scientific community, the feeling in general is that anti-gravity works and because of its threat to the world order has been treated as a secret for the past 70 years. Meanwhile Podkletnov is hiding somewhere in Sweden with the Americans and Russians on his trail and he wonít grant interviews.

So what do those inventors just mentioned have to do with our mission in Iraq? We were head hunting, living in a container in the Green Zone But this zone was a dump for young dump right-wing American Christians. We were not interested in them. Alas, there were 2,662 troops and 136 U.S. government contractors we wouldnít have to hunt down. Ever heard of a canned hunt? Itís popular with Republican high rollers from Texas and Vice- President Dick Cheney. What you do is build a fence around a field and a pond and release hundreds of domesticated pheasants and ducks and slaughter them with shotguns.

After we were asked to leave the Green Zone, Our plan was to build a modified canned hunt in the desert, an oasis of palms disguised by dunes in the desert. A cloudbuster would control the rainfall and a Tesla field would control the growth of the palms, flowers and plants. Only two legged animals would be officially allowed inside the perimeter and only if they had information about government entitlements which boiled down to which companies stole all those billions of dollars. Sangar told me that if you can make one force field you can make more. What was this project costing? Simenon said dedication. The beam was smack in the middle of the oasis and the ground was a black marble plinth. For all their brilliance the guys were still having problems with a refrigeration system when I caught a plane to Holland and a hotel in Den Hague.

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