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Webmaster, Webdesigner, Webdeveloper, System Administator, Concept Artist

Looking for someone who can take care of your websites, or alternatively someone who can do concept art for games, movies etc.? Look no further, here is your man!

Besides graphical skills I have over 10 years of working experience in the internet business, and I'm currently looking for a new job in the region Noord/Zuid Holland Utrecht (Netherlands), preferable for four days a week.

Here's a summary of my computer skills and work experience in that area, for graphical skills I refer you to the rest of my website. Note that some information is edited out for privacy reasons, I can send a more detailed resume to serious inquirers.

Key computer skills:
  • HTML, CSS (DHTML/XHTML), XML, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CGI-BIN scripting, Bash shell scripting
  • Linux, FreeBSD, Apache
  • Photoshop, The Gimp, Flash, ImageMagick
  • Good TCP-IP knowledgde, cross browser testing, general internet knowledge
  • Windows XP a.o.

Work experience since 1997 in reversed chronological order:

Position: Webdesigner / Front-end developer
Employer: website and CRM developer
Description:  Specialist (X)HTML / CSS function with some basic Coldfusion coding. Worked with a Coldfusion programmer on development of a Coldfusion/XML/XHTML/CSS framework for developing widget based real estate broker websites using company's CRM and nation wide estate database. Developed custom websites based on that framework, created standardized XML/CSS website template.

Position: Front-end developer/System administrator/Allrounder
Employer: website and webapplication developer
Description:  Front-end website and web application development in XHTML/PHP/MySQL + Smarty/Propel in a SUSE Linux enviroment. SUSE Linux system administration.

Position: Webdeveloper/Webmaster
Employer: book publisher
Description:  Development and graphics design mainly for the publisher's websites. Developing and customizing web based applications with (D)HTML/PHP/MySQL in a Windows/FreeBSD/Linux environment, implementation of Open Source software and webserver maintenance.

Position: Webdesigner/Webdeveloper
Employer: various (freelance)
Description:  Freelance webdesign and webdevelopment.

Position: Webdesigner/Webmaster/Webdeveloper
Employer: internet service provider
Description:  Designing, building and maintaining websites in a Windows/Linux environment, developing in Perl and Bash shellscript, coordination with customers etc. 'All-round' work; ranging from graphical interface design to actually building websites, in close cooperation with the software development department.

Position: System Administrator (Network Administrator)
Employer: internet webhosting company
Description:  Managing HP-UX and Windows NT webservers for webhosting maintenance network and intranet, backups, developing in Perl, help desk, installing hardware.

Note: Some older examples of my website/coding skills can be found on the Demos page.

Spoken languages: Dutch, English, German

If you think I'm the guy you're looking for, please send me an e-mail to the following address:

(No job hunting agencies, no acquisition and no spam please)

Thank you for your interest.