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Policy (1)  

Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dateline: Outside Town

On the sixth of July I ran a search on the Internet for George Bush's highschool grades. Not even close, all I got was a bio on Bush written by the White House. Top secrecy, you see, they don't want the public to know how stupid he really is. Then I ran a search on his wife and this is what I found:

Laura Bush on LSD Would her new found awareness Turn her husband around To Thinking? She ain't from Texas

U.S. military policy since Vietnam has been characterized by wrong decisions, bungling, genocide, chemical crimes against humanity and, in side the Pentagon, massive mismanagement. All true, alas. Of course not everyone agrees but I think the first Persian Gulf War, the liberation of Kuwaiti in 1991, became a mistake when coalition troops didn't go onto Baghdad and take out Saddam Hussein. Not to dwell on what didn't happen, the second Persian Gulf War continues when it should have never started. Everything has gone wrong and is going wrong in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the bungling is entirely the fault of the Bush administration, given normal military blunders. Weapons like cluster bombs and bomb busters contribute to the genocide but if those weapons were approved the authorization came from the White House, probably suggested by the neocons in the Pentagon who mostly had Jewish interests at heart. And it was that heartless group that formulated the policies in Iraq that didn't work. They are on their way out for bungling, misrepresenting facts, downright lying and, if I'm not surprised, forgery. Unfortunately, neocon policies continue in Iraq to the determent of reality. The scenario from the beginning was to colonize the country turn it into a Christian democracy, and steal it's oil.

While that policy has failed the construction of permeant military bases continues. Again, old time colonization history complete with missionaries and Bibles. A little history lesson tells you that--foreigners who don't assimilate don't stay long unless by force and force won't work in Iraq because it's a conflict of no surrender like Vietnam. Unless they are welcome, and they are not, Western forces must leave. Since 1953 American troops have been stationed in South Korea but they are appreciated. Attempts by the Bush administration to draw Korean parallels with policy in Iraq doesn't wash.

Meanwhile Bush and Cheney have isolated themselves from what most people call reality and are behaving like wild ducks instead of lame ducks, They are totally unpredictable and continue to subvert constitutional processes while politicizing the federal government. That means their dangerous. When a National Emergency is declared, Americans will wake up with a president for life.

I wonder if Americans know that its government leads the world in weapons sales? Those sales since 2001 round the planet were between $10 to $13 billion. In 2006 that figure increased to $21 billion. Crimes against humanity? Consider that when you are brushing your teeth tonight.

Policy (2)  

Date: Friday, August 31, 2007

Dateline: Inside Town

Have you checked out the U.S. Defense Authorization Act of 2007? Interesting read. It allows the president to 'station troops anywhere in America and take control of state-based National Guard units without the consent of the governor or local authorities' I'm quoting from an article written by Professor Peter Phillips and distributed by MinutemanMedia.ORG.

In other words there will be troops on the streets in every state when the President declares a national emergency and assumes the mantle of president for life. But will the troops fire on their own citizens like they did at Kent State in 1969? I doubt it because my long time scenario for a dictatorship in American received another resounding 'Won't Happen' when Karl Rove, Bush's advisor on Dirty Tricks resigned this month. That leaves only Bush, Cheney, and Alberto Gonzales, the Attorney General, running the Gestapo show. And Gonzales should soon be out of office too. Slowly this administration is being corralled but behind the scenes the destruction of governmental departments continues in the name of Police State.

This government no longer regulates business corporations it accommodates them. Lets have a little look at two of them: Remember Halliburton being awarded a $385 contingency contract to build detention centers in the U.S.? Well, actually it's a subsidiary of Halliburton but that contract looks set to go ahead.

Then we have the Monsanto Corporation which represents the essence of the Evil Empire. It was Monsanto who gave us Agent Orange and GM food which has destroyed fields for ever, the number one corporate polluter the the 1980s and 1990s. Who runs their show? A Jewish Frankenstein. Now their latest brainstorm is a herbicide weed killer called Roundup which also kills crops. Yes, their GM seeds which are supposed to be resistant to herbicides absorb Roundup but don't die. Bon appetite. And don't forget, have your teeth capped.


Date: Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dateline: Greenhouse

When pink and yellow clouds started floating across Northern Europe in the 1970s and thousands of trees started dying from acid rain, governments and environmentalists got busy and cleaned up the mess. In the 1980s a hole in the ozone layer was detected and this lead to the term 'greenhouse effect' which is where we live, in a greenhouse. Then greed set in and the planet has been largely ignored since then. Justification for this is money and the global economy is promised to make the world a better place for all when, in fact, it is a recipe for ecological disaster. With a rise in religious hypocrisy, the message from the conservative right pulpit is that the planet will take care of itself because God looks after us. I'll tell you, if there is a God that God doesn't give a toss.

So what have we got? Higher temperatures, droughts, wildfires, megafires, polar and glacial meltdowns, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, straight winds, tornados, infestations, dying oceans, seas, and coral reefs, dying species and greedy right wing conservatives.

Now that the planet is serving notice with global warming and the weather acting like a mad hatter with lead poisoning, we humans have to take responsibility and begin massive demonstrations against the U.S. Government with marches to the White House. Why? Because it's easy to assess the Bush administration's policy on the environment, they don't have one. But they do have a disinformation policy. For example: The Clear Skies Initiative lowered air quality, The Healthy Forests Initiative allowed clear-cutting, The Clean Water Act raised the amount of lead and chemicals permissible. The Energy Policy Act set up subsidies of '$6 billion to gas and oil production and $9 billion to coal producers.'

You would think the U.S. Government would have enough sense and cents to curb construction of coal-fired power plants but no, 'about 150 are in various stages of development in the U.S. today.' I wouldn't be surprised if most of them are in Texas. Bush-Cheney Inc., what a couple of Neanderthals. They are not alone, the Chinese are reportedly firing up two new filthy old fashioned pollution plants each week. Gas masks for every man, woman, and child aren't going to do the job. And what does the Cedar Rapids Iowa Gazette have to say about it in headline: Rising coal demand good for U.S. mines. The truth is that we are digging our own graves. The U.S. burns more than a billion tons of coal every year, that's 'about 20 pounds a day for every man, woman and child' according to Jeff Goodell, author of Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future.

China will probably start to self-destruct in the next ten years and the U.S. will follow. I wish I could be more optimistic but very little is being done to avert a catastrophe. As Al Gore observes, 'We are now treating the Earth's atmosphere as an open sewer.' However, with the world reportedly needing 50% more energy in 2030 there is a method that might save the planet's bacon, it's called 'Clean Coal Technology' It's accomplished without open-cast mining and the English Coal Authority says it's a 'method of converting unworked coal deep underground into a combustible gas.' Various processes lead to the removal of carbon dioxide from the coal and it is trapped underground while the coal is turned into gas. What results, it's claimed, is 'clean energy with minimal greenhouse emissions.' Have a clean air day.

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